About Us

At Valley Montessori you will see prepared environments for children of mixed age groups. Our staff and inviting classrooms provide an environment that supports emotional, social, physical and intellectual development.   Our experienced and nurturing staff, are Montessori certified, as well as having many years of experience using this wonderful method to guide children through their very important early childhood.
The Montessori Method of teaching has been time tested.  The 100th anniversary of Maria Montessori ‘s first school was celebrated worldwide in 2007.  Montessori observed that children have special sensitive periods, opportunities for easy learning as they grow.  This is an idea that modern education is now embracing.  At our school we will match lessons and materials to these sensitive periods when learning is naturally internalized.
The multi-age grouping provides a more family-like atmosphere.  The older children that have mastered certain work are excited to share with the younger child.  This also allows for a non-competitive and a better self-image.  We all know that what children see and experience is how they display through their personality.
Valley Montessori School was founded 32 years ago by Gwen Melcher and her husband.  Gwen’s grandmother began the first Montessori school in Eastern Washington.  Her mother and aunt also began schools and were instrumental in bringing Montessori training into the Spokane area.  
Our beautiful and large selection of Montessori materials will enhance your child’s learning experience by strengthening his observation skills, allow for independence, self-learning, self-discipline all abilities needed to become a lifelong learner.
We want to thank you for your interest in our school. We would like to invite you to make an appointment to come see our school and see why we can make a difference in your child’s development and joy for learning.