Registration Information

Our mission at Valley Montessori School is to provide a nurturing and engaging environment where each child can develop emotionally, socially, and academically. In the prepared environment the children are given the freedom to move about the classroom. The materials and lessons help each child to develop order and self-discipline which will lead them into the academic levels of work. These lessons provide each child with life-long skills.
After your observation and meeting with either the director or co-director at the school, you will be ready to register. The following describes our registration and enrollment policies. Any child may enroll in our school under the terms of the following contract.
There will be a $150.00 non-refundable registration fee that must accompany the contract in order to hold a place for your child/children. Upon registration each family will receive a parent handbook and required school and state forms that you may download and bring to school or pick-up the forms at your observation visit.
The yearly tuition is divided into equal monthly payments. Your child’s tuition during the school term, September through May will be due each month regardless of absences, holidays, or vacations.During the summer months, June through August, monthly tuition is more flexible. More details for summer rates will be on the summer enrollment forms available in the spring.Tuition is due and payable each month in advance. For example: Tuition for September is due August 26th, and then payable each month on the 26th. Payments received after the first of the month will be charged at $40.00 late fee.
There is a discount for tuition paid 6 months or more in advance. We also allow for a 10% discount for more than 1 child in a family.
If you will be enrolling your child for our class time only, any additional hours will need to be scheduled in advance and charged with a minimum hourly rate.  Additional hours can be added to the monthly scheduled tuition prices. Any added hourly costs will be based on the monthly scheduled rate.In order to provide children with a comfortable daily routine, we ask that your drop-off and pick-up times are consistent and as agreed. To help your child build a strong self-concept and a sense of community we feel that children should attend school on a regular basis and arrive to school on time.
If for any reason you decide to withdraw from our school, the school will not refund the registration fee. The school must receive a 20 day written notice or the next month’s tuition will be due.  All of this information and more will be in the parent handbook for your reference.