Our toddler community helps guide the young child with their growing independence. The toddler environment is carefully designed to have inviting choices for the young child, but because there are few yet always changing choices it keeps the environment uncluttered and provides the young child the opportunity to develop their innate need for order.

The materials around the room display interest for the child. They are realistic activities that draw the child
to explore using everyday tools they love, spoons, scoops, water, brooms, and buckets.


Pouring water is an example of purposeful work allowing for repetitive movement that will
help the child to perfect coordination and deepen his concentration.


In the toddler environment snack is not only filling, it can be a sensorial and language experience. The children share all kinds of fruits very much the same way daily. The fruit of the day is presented to the children. “This is an orange, let’s smell and feel the orange.”Then the orange is cut.
The orange changes and is even more fragrant. “When I cut the orange it changes.” Then the fruit is shared and enjoyed.


Young toddlers display their need for independence by taking off and putting on their own shoes and coat.


The young child models the adult by carrying trays carefully, replacing work on the shelves, cleaning up a spill, and folding napping items.


Children love music, singing and fun movement helps the young child master language. Often simple
directions are sang to the children to gather for lunch or to go outside.


These children are trying to catch bubbles. The large outdoor play area offers year round fun.