The Sensorial materials help to refine each child’s senses and help the child notice the details of the environment around him. These materials will help the child recognize and to discriminate the differences between colors and shapes. Dr. Montessori developed Sensorial materials to be used during the child’s sensitive period for effortless learning, unconscious memory, muscular memory, and an effortless absorption of language.

When each child enters into the Montessori classroom, he brings with him an endless amount of unclassified impressions. The Sensorial
materials not only help to make new impressions for the child, they help to order and refine a particular sense.


After using the Pink Tower and the Brown Stair separately the child can blend these two materials and discover something new.
Children take what is already known to them and challenge themselves to explore a new adventure.


Sensorial materials are designed to simplify and isolate. Children will develop mastery through using these materials over and over again.


The Geometric Solids are one of the special materials that help the child organize
and develop patterning skills which will prepare for both language and math.


The Color Tablets help children to gain a deep understanding and appreciation of the world around them.
By sorting these color tablets the child can visualize that colors have many shades.


The child builds his intellect through the use of his hand and using materials repetitively. The Sensorial materials help
each child develop careful, precise movement –bringing the child to an even stronger sense of order.